Positives and negatives of slums

The pros and cons list for windmills is a fairly long list. In the U.S. it is expected that wind energy will be used for producing 20% of the electricity by the year 2030. The goal is to lower the country's reliance on fossil fuels. It is a renewable energy that generates no greenhouse gases, but still faces its own types of challenges.

Clearance of Slums-This is one of the benefits, urban renewal helps in eliminating Slums and creates new interest throughout the neighbourhood. With cities being renewed, it has been noted that slum areas have visibly reduced thus making the place look rich. ... Like any other thing, even this has both pros and cons; therefore, an effective.




Peer pressure can be positive and negative. Friends can have a bad influence on a child, but good friends can also influence a child positively. The child copying the negative behaviour usually does this with the hope of being accepted into the peer group. Even young children give in to peer pressure.

It allows us to communicate faster via email phones etc and we r all globally connected thru the flow of goods and products, money,infomation and services but the negative side is that it changes the native traditions of countries. what are some positives and negatives of television.

Positive and Negative Forms. Verb to be (the Present Simple Tense). Self-study materials for unit I. Presentation. We aren't — We are not You aren't — You are not They aren't — They are not. NOTE: Look at the negative forms: She isn't married.